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Gemtech Silencers Gemtech Outback Suppressors

Gemtech Suppressors like the Gemtech Outback II silencer and Gemtech Halo and Gemtech Trinity are the best in the suppressor business. Gemtech silencers are available at On Point Firearms-- your exclusive source for the lowest prices in the nation on Gemtech sound suppressors. Gemtech silencers like the Gemtech Raptor and Gemtech Oasis and Talon are built right here in the US with high quality materials. Order your new Gemtech silencer today from On Point Firearms. We are proud to carry Gemtech suppressors including the following models:

Gemtech Outback II Suppressor .22lr

gemtech silencer

The Gemtech Outback-II is a highly advanced thread mounting .22LR caliber suppressor adaptable to almost all .22LR rifles and pistols. For its tiny size, the Gemtech Outback-II has the highest reduction dry with the lowest first round “pop” in the industry, and it outperforms most significantly larger units. While a true bargain, Gemtech doesn’t skimp on quality: 7075 high tensile strength aluminum is used (not cheaper, weaker grades), a non-galling titanium thread mount area instead of cheap steels, and it is finished in an attractive and durable matte hardcoat anodize finish. Everything that makes up this Gemtech silencer is premium — except the price. It mates well with virtually any .22LR firearm which can have the barrel externally threaded. It is usable on pistols as well as a wide variety of .22 rimfire rifles. Since mounting to the firearm is accomplished by attachment to muzzle threads, the Gemtech suppressor can be quickly removed for cleaning, compact carry, or storage. See our Accessories listings for precision thread adapters for the Walther P22 & SIG Mosquito. IN SHORT: the best .22LR suppressor at the best price; a true "Sweet Spot" between sonic performance, price, size, and weight. The Gemtech Outback-II is America's most popular Gemtech suppressor — for many good reasons.

Gemtech Halo Suppressor 5.56mm

gemtech halo silencer

The Gemtech HALO is our true ‘grunt’ suppressor – rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most NATO weapon 5.56mm flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including the M16, M4, HK416, and M249. Gemtech HALOs have earned a reputation as a product of exceptional quality at an absolutely fair price. Welded construction alone isn’t enough – the Gemtech HALO is a fully welded inconel and stainless Gemtech suppressor core encased in a stainless shell for double-walled security and impressive longevity. If you break things for a living, this is durable enough to be your can. Birthed for battle, the Gemtech HALO has proven itself in conflicts around the globe. For 2007, the combat-proven Gemtech HALO gets better by trimming weight and length while retaining the same excellent dB and flash reduction. The patented mounting system utilizes the 22 mm standard NATO-specification bird-cage type flash hider as used by the military worldwide. Mounting or removal can be performed without the use of tools in less than 30 seconds. The Gemtech suppressor comes with detailed instructions for installation and use. It also includes a peel washer for remounting of the AR15/M16 flash hider should the original flash hider be mounted with a crush washer.

Gemtech G5 Silencer 5.56mm

gemtech g5 sound suppressor

If you want “high speed low drag” this is it. Every component of this Gemtech suppressor has been critically assessed, shot hard, improved upon, thought through, and tested tough to become the new standard in 5.56mm quick mounting Gemtech suppressors. Lighter, stronger, quieter, more durable and maintenance-free, the G5 is made for those that demand the apex of performance. Titanium, stainless steels, and inconel are mated throughout the Gemtech G5 to ensure the right material for each task. It adds 5.5 inches to the overall weapon system length, affixing over our Gemtech Quick-Mount flash hider – an easy push and twist that may be done wearing gloves, in any weather condition, and in total darkness. The mount provides repeatable POI shift each time it is mounted. The barrel portion of the mount is torqued into position to assure utmost accuracy. By utilizing additional flash hider mounts on a variety of weapons, the Gemtech G5 suppressor can be quickly, easily, and securely moved from weapon to weapon as the situation requires. The Gemtech G5 Quik-Mount retains compatibility with the older Bi-Lock mounts. Gemtech Quick-Mount Flash hiders are available 1/2-28 (for most US mfg. carbines), Metric 15x1RH (HK), 9/16-24 (RH or LH), or with a special flash hider that Gemtech suppressors with the FN P90 PDW. One Gemtech Quick-Mount of your choice is included with each Gemtech G5 suppressor. The Gemtech suppressor is rated for fully automatic fire.

Gemtech Blackside Suppressor .45acp

gemtech blackside silencer 45acp

Gemtech BLACKSIDE-45: Introduced in 2006, the Gemtech Blackside-45 replaces the Gemtech SOS-45 suppressor in a shorter, lighter weight, more efficient package. Extensive testing has demonstrated that a recoil booster is not necessary for most weapons, including the difficult to cycle HK USP Tactical. Highest performance is achieved with only a minimal amount of artificial environment (such as light oil). Although not as efficient dry, it is acceptable when artificial environment media is unavailable. The mount features positive front stop threading to reduce thread wear and provide proper alignment on 1911 and other pistols. Constructed of high tensile strength aluminum alloys heat treated to Gemtech specifications, this unit does not utilize any bore obstructing "wipes" or mesh. The advanced frequency shifting baffle design creates outstanding performance. With complete suppression of the muzzle flash signature, this device is an exceptionally effective tool for tactical users. The Gemtech Blackside-45 is currently available threaded either M16x1-LH for the HK USP Tactical, M16x1-RH for the MK23/SOCOM, and 0.578-28 for the Glock-21, 1911, and other barrels. Gemtech BLACKSIDE-40: The Gemtech Blackside suppressor in .40 caliber is currently available for a number of handguns designed for the .40 S&W cartridge. Specifications are similar to the .45 caliber version. However, by default, all the Gemtech BLACKSIDE-40 suppressors incorporate an integral L.I.D. (recoil booster), while the .45 caliber Gemtech BLACKSIDE-45 does not. The Gemtech Blackside-40 suppressor is threaded 9/16-24 (2A). On special order it can be supplied threaded M14.5x1-LH for the HK USP Tactical in .40 caliber.

Gemtech HVT Suppressor 7.62mm

gemtech talon silencer

A shorter, lighter, more efficient suppressor for 7.62x51mm and .300 WM rifles, the Gemtech HVT sets the bar for endurance and reliability. It is offered in either threadmount or maintenance-free Gemtech Quick-Mount fast attach configurations. The Gemtech HVT has an unusually quiet sound signature that is indistinguishable from, and masked by, the bullet flight noise, making it ideal for both urban and rural tactical operations. Recoil and visual signature (flash, dust) are reduced greatly along with the audible signature. With our high-accuracy / low-blowback baffle design that the U.S. Navy deemed “highly favorable” in limiting rate-of-fire increase, the Gemtech HVT makes for an excellent choice on automatic rifles as well as bolt-action precision rifles. The Gemtech Quick-Mount attachment system permits consistent mounting with repeatable accuracy. The male mount is torqued into position over a threaded barrel to assure utmost accuracy, and the Gemtech suppressor affixes over with a simple, one-handed movement with no gates, latches, or threads to stick or fumble. It’s either on, or it’s off. There are no “Is it on where it should be?” questions with the Gemtech Quick-Mount. While the Gemtech Quik-Mount retains backward compatibility with the original Bi-Lock flash hider mounting system, the mount has been totally re-designed for limited or no maintenance. Gemtech Quick-Mounts are available in flash hider style to fit factory threading on M1A/M14, AR10, HK417, and other AR-type automatic rifles, or in a tensioning back-over-barrel mount for bolt action rifles. Thread Mounting units are available in 5/8-24 or M18x1 configurations.

Gemtech Oasis Sound Suppressor .22lr

gemtech oasis sound suppressor

While the rest of the industry struggles to deliver their compromise of a modified Ruger® barrel, Gemtech again leads in wiping the design slate and building the perfect suppressed integral pistol from the ground up. Instead of hacking up the same old MK2 pistol, we started from scratch with the best materials – machined from one solid billet, there are no ugly, fragile seams between the suppressor and receiver. Since the Gemtech OASIS replacement top end for the Ruger® MK2 or MK3 pistol is built 100% as a Gemtech suppressor platform, superior accuracy is planned in from the start, as are velocity control and terminal ballistics. The overall length of the Gemtech suppressed weapon is significantly less than any other integral available, making this an excellent “packable” companion that won’t be left behind no matter how lightly you travel! The Gemtech OASIS consists of a replacement top end (suppressed, barreled receiver with adjustable sights) only and utilizes your grip, bolt, and magazine. The Gemtech OASIS is available in Black or a low-reflective Silver-Grey.

Gemtech M4 02 5.56mm Suppressor

gemtech m4 02 suppressor

The Gemtech M4-02 is our most compact suppressor available for the Colt Commando and other short barreled carbines. It is equally at home on longer SPR-type and precision AR15/M16 rifles as it has been independently applauded for it’s accuracy-improving characteristics. The Gemtech M4-02 is built from purpose-chosen steel alloys and protected from corrosion with a high-temperature resistant matte black finish. Gemtech’s double-wall welded construction makes it tough for semiauto and limited full-auto fire. The Gemtech suppressor is thread mounted in place of the flash hider. It adds only a little over four inches to the overall length of the weapon and is available in 1/2-28 threads to match most common 5.56mm weapons. Battle tested tough from Alaska to Afghanistan, sound, flash, and visual signature are reduced greatly with the use of this diminutive but durable Gemtech suppressor. Affordable enough for widespread use, but not skimping on quality the Gemtech M4-02 is the perfect answer to add OSHA-safe hearing protection to a patrol carbine or rifle. It is rated for limited fully automatic fire. “GEMTECH’S M4-02 INCREASED ACCURACY TREMENDOUSLY... BY A BREATHTAKING 77%” — Alan Paulson, Special Weapons For Military & Police Magazine.

Gemtech MM9 multi-mount Sound Suppressor 9mm Silencer

gemtech mm9 silencer

After years of hearing the question, “I’ve got all these different guns, How can I suppress them with one great can – and one tax stamp?” Gemtech pioneered the concept of the interchangeable mounting system for a pistol/submachine gun suppressor with the Gemtech Trinity. The Gemtech MultiMount system is the next logical progression: the versatility of the Gemtech Trinity in a universal Gemtech suppressor with no equal. Period. The Gemtech MultiMount has become a commercial favorite for its ability to adapt easily to various host firearms. You can switch the modular adapters to make your Gemtech MultiMount a 3-lug fast attach Gemtech suppressor for 9mm carbines such as the MP5 or UZI. You can swap mounts and use our L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler) recoil device for flawless cycling on many hard-to-function handguns including Glock 9mms. Installing a simple thread-mount rear makes for the shortest package with a variety of fixed barrel 9mm pistols and carbines, and even in a pinch on .22lr firearms. Available threads for the L.I.D. are 1/2-28 and M13.5x1-(LH), and for the conventional thread mount 1/2-28 and 1/2-36. The Gemtech MultiMount removable rear allows ease of cleaning the blast baffle and entrance chamber! There is even our Gemtech TALON – an entire 9mm barreled AR15/M16 upper that the Gemtech suppressor module threads into, shielding it under a rock-solid modular Picatinny rail system for use on a compact short barreled rifle or submachine gun. The Gemtech TALON features Gemtech's new GUARDRAIL System specifically made to house and protect 1/375 inch or lesser diameter suppressors. The Gemtech MultiMount uses all the previous Gemtech Trinity mounts (except for the existing Gemtech Talon). A redesigned Gemtech Talon mount will be available soon that accommodates the larger diameter Gemtech MultiMount. The new 2008 L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler recoil enhancer) has been totally re-designed and can be tuned for minimizing point of impact shift with no tools required for either adjustment, cleaning, or re-configuring. You heard correctly — no tool to lose! It is available with an interchangeable thread sleeve for either the popular 1/2-28 threads used in the USA or the metric M13.5x1(LH) thread used on European factory threaded barrels. Works reliably on the Beretta, Glocks, SIGs, HK — you name it. The Gemtech MultiMount is a dry suppressor, but can also be used with a small amount of coolant for maximum flash and sound reduction. Its light weight and small size makes for a pleasant, accurate shooting experience as compared to nose-heavy suppressors.

Gemtech Raptor 9mm Silencer

gemtech 9mm raptor silencer

The original Gemtech RAPTOR has long been the quintessential quick mounting suppressor for the MP5 submachine gun – and it continues to evolve and get better. For 2007 as the Gemtech RAPTOR-II, its baffle design has been improved to have less blowback while getting even quieter sound signature reduction. Decreased in length, it makes for a shorter "nose" to the weapon allowing fast target acquisition and agility in tight quarters. The patented Gemtech Tri-Lock mounts quickly and securely onto the HK 3-lug barrel (Male 3-Lug adapters may be installed on other carbines, such as the UZI or M16 9mm). As one of the oldest suppressor manufacturers in the U.S., we can proudly – and honestly – report lifespans proven in excess of 170,000 rounds through Gemtech RAPTOR suppressors still providing service use. We don’t just say we build them to last – you’ve proved it for us. The Gemtech RAPTOR-II is truly a workhorse and the standard against which all MP5 suppressors are measured.

Gemtech Tundra Suppressor 9mm Silencer

gemtech 9mm tundra silencer sound suppressor

You asked, we listened, "What ever happened to your outstanding Vortex-9 suppressor for my Beretta? I loved the Gemtech Trinity, but I want a world class 9mm pistol suppressor with super reliability and performance." Well, here it is! We have totally redesigned our 9mm baffle stack to the most efficient design available in a dry, dedicated 9mm pistol Gemtech suppressor incorporating patented features. To this, we added our all new "Superbooster" integral recoil enhancer (L.I.D.) for utmost reliability. This is one rugged workhorse of a pistol suppressor for the worldwide 9mm cartridge. The Gemtech TUNDRA is a dry suppressor, but can also be used with a small amount of coolant for even greater flash and sound reduction. Its light weight and relatively small size makes for a pleasant, accurate shooting experience as compared to nose-heavy suppressors. Dry, it outperforms all existing 9mm suppressors of comparable size shot dry. The Gemtech Tundra is available with an interchangeable thread sleeve for either the popular 1/2-28 threads used in the USA or the metric M13.5x1(LH) thread used on European factory threaded barrels. Works reliably on the Beretta, Glocks, SIGs, HK, you name it. The standard finish is The new 2008 L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler recoil enhancer) has been totally re-designed and can be tuned for minimizing point of impact shift with no tools required for either adjustment, cleaning, or re-configuring. That's right — no tool to lose!

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