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Robinson Arms XCR Rifle

Order the Robinson Arms XCR Rifle at On Point Firearms

The Robinson Arms XCR rifle from Robinson Arms is a truly revolutionary, completely modular, piston-driven system that offers its users the ultimate in performance and reliability. On Point Firearms is your exclusive Robinson Arms XCR dealer-- and your source for the lowest prices in the nation on high quality Robinson Arms XCR rifles and Robinson Armaments XCR rifle accessories-- including the new 6.8SPC and 7.62 versions.

The Robinson Arms XCR rifle is designed and built in the USA. Robinson Arms has combined the lightness and ergonomics of the M16/M4 rifle with AK47 reliability. The Robinson Arms XCR utilizes a heavy duty bolt and extractor connected to a AK47 type gas piston. This Robinson XCR bolt combined with solid knock out ejection provides the most reliable operating system possible. The Robinson Arms XCR's bolt and operating system are much more durable and much more reliable than those of M16/M4. The M16/M4 bolt has the problems of the lugs shearing off and the bolt breaking at the cam pin hole not to mention, poor extraction and ejection. The Robinson XCR's bolt has none of these problems due to its design. Additionally, the Robinson Arms XCR rifle has completely ambidextrous controls ergonomically placed allowing the fastest possible magazine changes using either the right or left hand. Furthermore, because the 1913 ("Picatinny") rails are machined onto the one piece upper receiver, those rails are parallel to the bore. This is very important for the proper mounting of sights and other accessories.

Own the future of piston-driven rifles today-- with the Robinson Arms XCR-- available at On Point Firearms: your exclusive Robinson Arms Dealer. For more Robinson Arms XCR reviews and pricing info, please visit our website. For a selection of our Robinson Arms XCR rifles for sale, please click here.

Robinson Arms XCR Technical Specifications

Caliber: 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem.); 6.8 SPC; and 7.62x39mm

Action: Semi-Automatic or Select-Fire (Govt. & LE Only), Gas Operated, Piston Driven. Designed to require little cleaning.

Bolt: Proprietary three-lug. Locks into extension of barrel so no headspacing is required when changing barrels.

Extractor: Proprietary extractor and spring. Extremely reliable and durable.

Ejector: Solid AK47 type. The ejection direction is Forward and low, 2 O'clock direction.

Lower Receiver: Serialized Part which holds fire control parts, buttstock, magazine and upper receiver.

Upper Receiver: A Major part which holds, bolt carrier, charging handle, and gas system.

Barrel: 16.02" Long, Chrome-Lined; 1 in 9" Twist

Muzzle Attachments: M16A2 Flash Hider. Others available shortly.

Gas Adjustment: 4 Position

Charging Handle: Non-reciprocating on Left side of Upper Receiver. Charging handle knob contains forward assist.

Overall length: 37.75" (Stock Extended); 27.4" (Stock Folded)

Weight Empty: 7.5 lbs.

Trigger: Two-Stage Trigger (We can provide single-stage triggers for government and LE agencies requiring such triggers.)

Magazines: Accepts most M16 magazines and drums.

Scope Mounting: 1913 Standard Rail.

Lead time = 4-6 weeks.

Robinson Arms is now shipping all Robinson Arms XCR rifles with an adjustable gas system. Robinson Arms has designed this XCR rifle to current military specifications which prohibit adjustable gas systems. (The military fears that a soldier in the field may set the gas adjustment on a position that will not allow it to operate properly.) Robarms feels the ability to adjust the gas system is important (especially when using sound suppressors). Therefore, they have included a gas system on the XCR rifle which takes a wrench and 2 minutes to adjust as a compromise. The gas adjustment system on the Robinson XCR is part of the barrel's removable gas block (I.e, you don't have to drive out pins to remove the gas block) . They may offer accessory gas blocks with a quicker tool-less gas adjustment which can be easily installed on any Robinson Arms XCR barrel. However, this option is really not necessary with the Robinson XCR system.

[ Robinson Arms XCR rifle with folding stock option ]

[ Robinson Arms XCR with VLTOR M4 folding collapsible stock option ]

[ Robinson Arms XCR with VLTOR M4 collapsible stock option ]

Here are some modified Robinson XCR rifles that are featured on the Robarms website. The Robinson Arms XCR rifle is also available as an SBR (short barreled rifle) and can accept many after-market accessories that it shares in common with the AR15 rifle.

robinson arms xcr rifle sbr

[ Robinson Arms XCR SBR with sound suppressor and Aimpoint CompM2 ]

robarms xcr duracoat eotech

[ XCR with suppressor, EOTech 552, MagPul stock, and Duracoat finish ]

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