Monday, January 12, 2009

Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire Series by Umarex

colt umarex 22lr m4 carbine for sale

As ammunition prices continue to soar while supply dwindles, many shooters are in need of a cost-effective means to stay proficient with their AR15s. Well, the answer has arrived and it's from a name you trust: Colt. That's right. Colt has partnered with Umarex to produce M4 Carbines and M16 rifles in .22lr!

The Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire Series of rifles is scheduled to be officially introduced at Shot Show 2009 in Orlando, FL. On Point Firearms has learned that they will start shipping as early as April. Dealer cost will start out just over $500.

This Colt M4 Carbine in .22lr has been a long time coming. Colt decided to partner with Umarex to produce these rifles, so we're very enthusiastic about getting our hands on these and doing a complete product review in the near future. They have full metal bodies and all the features you'd find on a real Colt M4. The manual of arms is the same, so users will be able to supplement their AR15 training with these carbines and inexpensive 22lr ammo.

umarex colt m4 carbine in 22lr for sale

Right now, there are several different units available: The base model is the Colt M4 Carbine (mfg# 2245050). These should be just over $500 dealer cost and feature a 16in barrel, M4 collapsible stock, A4 flat top upper receiver with detachable carry handle, CAR handguards, A2 flash hider, A2 pistol grip, and 30rd magazine. The unit weighs 5.95lbs-- just like the real deal Colt M4 carbine. The upgraded Colt M4 OPS model (mfg# 2245051) has a back up rear sight and a high-grade aluminum free-float picatinny rail handguard. A classic Colt M16 version (mfg# 2245055) is also available with a 20in barrel. The M16 SPR version (mfg# 2245056) of the .22 Tactical Rimfire series from Colt features a rail interface system like the one found on the OPS model, plus flip-up front and rear sights. Best of all, a complete line of accessories is available. Everything from faux sound suppressors, sights/scopes, flashlights/lasers, and extra mags are available.

umarex colt m4 and m16 in 22lr for sale

I can't wait to hold these at Shot Show and will report back with my findings. Stay tuned to our site in 2009 for upcoming reviews of exciting new products. We'll be adding the Colt M4 & M16 .22 Tactical Rimfire Series to the website soon. After pricing information and a delivery time is confirmed, we'll start taking pre-orders. Thanks again for your support and God bless.

-- Evan

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