Monday, January 26, 2009

LWRC M6A1 Rifle


On Point Firearms is your source for LWRC M6A1 rifles. The LWRC is the best piston system on the market, in our opinion. Not only is the price point attractive, but LWRC is a company you can trust-- with a reliable supply chain in place and quality control and customer service that are second to none. When you order an LWRC rifle from On Point Firearms, you'll receive a top-notch product at a competitive price.

The LWRC M6A1 rifle is their SOPMOD M4 equivalent rifle. It is a standard carbine available in various barrel lengths and chambered in either 5.56mm NATO or 6.8mm SPC. The M6A1 rifle features a carbine length free float rail system with a removable return-to-zero top. Any M4 MIL Std 1913 accessory can be mounted to the rail.

The LWRC M6A1 rifle can be used in various roles. With the 10.5 inch barrel, it is ideal for close quarters battle or fighting in built up areas. The 14.7 inch barrel M6A1 rifle is an excellent general purpose carbine capable of effective fire out to 600 meters.

The LWRCI LWRC M6A1 rifle will help you dominate the fight with its reliability, ease of maintenance, and increased service life.

When you're buying an LWRC rifle-- you're buying the best. Period. Contact On Point Firearms today for more information on becoming an LWRC owner:

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