Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Custom Bullets by David Deering, LLC

david deering custom bullets

David Deering is a friend of mine and a master of making custom bullets. He recently started his aptly named company, Custom Bullets, after being frustrated with the high cost, low quality, and lack of variety in bullets available to today's reloader. An avid shooter, hunter, collector and reloader since age 12, Dave's philosophy is that a hand-loader that shells out a lot of hard-earned money for reloading components deserves something special: a bullet that is consistent, reliable and accurate, and available in a variety of weights and diameters that fit his or her firearm. The hand-loader does NOT want the same run-of-the-mill bullet the factories and high volume casters offer. For this reason, Dave turned to swagging, a process that produces bullets with a high degree of precision and the flexibility to be customized for the discriminating shooter. Like Dave says, "custom bullets may cost a little more, but like the hair care product ad says, 'we're worth it!'" Right now, we're carrying a few of his specific bullets. If you or someone you know if needing bullets like this, please contact us and we can get you sorted with what you need. Thanks again and God bless.

-- Evan

david deering custom bullets 3575 diameter bullet

.3575" Diameter - 190 grain jacketed RNFP

A superb choice for the .357 Maximum! The cannelure can be located in standard COAL for .357 magnum (also for use in .35 Remington Marlin lever actions) or for long seating in Thompson/Center Contenders. Just the ticket for deer hunting or knocking over those big heavy rams in silhouette shooting. All of our bullets hold a weight variation tolerance of +/- 2 tenths of a grain - you just can't get that with a factory bullet!

Only $35 per 100 [click here to order]

david deering custom bullets 401 diameter bullet

.401" Diameter - 182 grain jacketed TCFP

THE bullet for reloading the vintage .38-40 lever action rifles. Also an excellent choice for 10mm auto pistols. Cannelure is located for correct COAL and feeding in lever actions. Many older .38-40 rifles have somewhat pitted bores and need a jacketed bullet for best accuracy. Until now there has been no commercially available .401" jacketed bullet with proper cannelure for .38-40!

$35 per 100 [click here to order]

david deering custom bullets 431 diameter bullet

.431" Diameter - 270 grain jacketed RNFP

This bullet is designed specifically for Marlin lever actions in .44 Mag and .444 Marlin, which typically feature .432" groove diameters. Also a great choice for the silhouette shooter in .445 Supermag out of the T/C Contender (cannelures can be custom placed for long seating in the Contender). Put the hammer down on deer and hogs with this baby! All of our bullets over 260 grains feature +/- 3 tenths of a grain weight tolerance - you can't get that with a factory bullet!

$35 per 50 [click here to order]

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