Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daniel Defense M4s For Sale

Let me tell you, my friends-- we've got the goods this week! From entry level carbines from Olympic Arms and DPMS to upper crust rifles from Daniel Defense and LWRC-- On Point Firearms has got you covered.

If someone you know is in the market for a solid AR15 at an ultra-low price, please tell them about the DPMS Panther Classic (top) for only $683. [click here] It's got a 16in bull barrel, flat top upper for mounting optics and other goodies and an A2 butt-stock. It's the perfect platform for your next AR15 build.

Now, we're new to Daniel Defense rifles here at On Point Firearms. So, when we unboxed these M4 carbines this afternoon, our socks were blown clear off our piggies! These M4s feature super long free float rails, back up iron sights, rail covers, and a vertical front grip-- installed as pictured (second from top)-- and tipping the scales at a mere... wait for it... *gasp* 6.94lbs!!!! Yes, this featherweight is under 7lbs as pictured. Unbelievable. In stock for only $1484. [click here]

More LWRC M6A2s just arrived in black and MRE: multiregional Earth (pictured, bottom). The lighting makes it look gold, but it really is more brown/od green. It's a nice finish. These rifles feature cold hammer forged 16in free float barrels, Troy front and rear sights, VLTOR eMod stocks, Magpul MIAD grips and PMAG mags, and Tango Down rail covers-- all for $2105. [click here]

Finally, a boatload of black 30rd Magpul PMAGs just arrived at the everyday low price of $11.48, so grab a few hundred if you're up to it. ;) [click here]

My wife and I are flying out to San Francisco this Friday, so we'll be closed. She's racing in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. I'll be eating a ham sandwich on the sidelines this time. :)

-- Evan

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