Friday, October 23, 2009

Can you DIGS it? The new Para TTR rifle.

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Can you DIGS it? We've got the new Para TTR in stock for $1968. As you know, the new Para TTR features the Delayed Impingement Gas System™ (DIGS™). "The recoil spring is over the op-rod so there is no 'twang' in your ear as your head rests on the rifle’s stock while the bolt cycles between shots." That means you have almost no recoil and no need for a buffer tube in the butt stock-- which allows you to run a folding stock and dramatically decrease the weapon's overall length. Sound cool? Well it runs cool too: "The TTR’s gas system not only improves target acquisition but it also keeps the chamber area cleaner. The gases that flow through the tube inside the op-rod are expelled through the Manifold Injector System™ (MIS™) in the bolt carrier making it the cleanest running autoloading rifle in the world. " Surprisingly, this is not new technology at all. If you're an old school gamer, you remember Tom Clancy's first Rainbow Six video game. This rifle was featured as the ZM4 made by ZM-Weapons. [click here for more Para TTR photos]

Another weapon that has been around for a long time but hasn't made it to gun shops yet is the subcompact Beretta PX4. It has been in the works since 2002 and has finally shipped out to dealers. In fact, we just received our first shipment last week. The PX4 Storm Compact 9mm is about the same size as baby Glock, Springfield XD, and S&W M&P subcompacts. You can immediately appreciate the flamboyant Italian design, but like most modern pistols-- the real beauty is in the subtle details. For instance, the magazine floor plate is adjustable and lowers to accommodate larger hands (see photos). The double and single action trigger pulls are light and crisp. The ergonomic controls are comfortable and easy to manipulate without changing hand positions. And at only $506, this highly anticipated offering from Beretta is sure to make waves in the industry. [click here for more Beretta PX4 photos]

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PARA TTR 5.56 16.5" 30RD SHRT RL FLD

Only $1968

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Only $506

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Only $1175

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