Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Springfield XDM 3.8 For Sale

springfield armory xdm 3.8 for sale

Today is an exciting day for fans of the Springfield Armory XDM! The new 3.8in compact just debuted and On Point Firearms is your source. We have 4 units from the first shipment, scheduled to leave Springfield the week of 14 DEC 2009. They're all black and have full capacity 19rd magazines and a new slide serration pattern! That's a lot of firepower in a compact and concealable package. These are going to be huge sellers. You can be one of the first to own this new XDM and place your order today for only $555-- while supplies last! They're sure to go quickly.

[ click here to order the Springfield XDM 3.8 ]

Also, Glock just announced that they will be producing Rough Texture Frame (RTF) models 19 and 23 soon. We'll have more info on those as they begin shipping.

Have a good rest of your week and God bless.

-- Evan

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