Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: AAC SPR/M4

After six long months of waiting (yes, dealers wait for product too), my new Advanced Armament SPR/M4 5.56mm suppressor has finally arrived. So, Khoa and I went to the Wyoming Antelope Club last weekend to try her out on our LWRC M6A2 rifles.

Since the SPR/M4 is rated for a 36dB reduction, which is a full 3 decibels quieter than the M4-1000, we wanted to compare it head-to-head with another can. I recently put my M4-1000 up for sale in preparation for the SPR's arrival, so we used a Gemtech HALO instead. I apologize for the poor video and sound quality, but in person you can really tell the difference-- especially without ear protection. Unfortunately, I got my eardrums blown out when I tried this maneuver next to my buddy's new unsuppressed 7.62mm LWRC REPR! [ click here for pics and video ]

The AAC SPR/M4 is as quiet as the M4-2000, but you get your real return on investment with the innovative MITER system. It's the FIRE! In a nutshell, you can adjust point of impact on the fly. So, there's essentially no need to re-zero your weapon when it's suppressed! There are five different positions marked on the side of the silencer, which you can orient based on what load you're using. We were shooting PMC 55gr FMJs. As soon as we "went silent" at position #1, we were six o'clock low by about 5 inches. We moved to position two, which was a bit higher and at five o'clock. Position 3 was almost right on the money-- just an inch low at 100 yards. You've got all the dope your rifle needs at your finger tips! Switching to 75gr Hornady TAP? No problemo, amigo!

The only downside to the SPR/M4 might be the back blast generated by the system. For some reason, I noticed getting hit with a bit more gas than on the Gemtech HALO, AAC M4-1000, or M4-2000 models.

You'll also notice that we're shooting the new LWRC REPR 7.62mm Nato rifle in the video. Now, that's a great rifle-- and we'll be doing a detailed review on it soon, so stay tuned. We're going to mount the SPR/M4s bigger brother on the REPR: the SCAR-H SD, which also utilizes the MITER system. Bad news if you don't own one yet: AAC just ended civilian sales of the SCAR-H SD model. As you know, it was designed for the US Military's SCAR program and the contract is really picking up momentum.

Finally, we tested an AAC Evolution 9mm silencer on a little Glock 26. To mate the can to the baby Glock, we used a threaded Glock 19 barrel. Unfortunately, we had some failure-to-feed issues. The G26 didn't like shooting the Glock 19 barrel for some reason. I'm going to look into this problem and take it back to the range for more testing. If any of you guys has any advice, please let me know.

Check out this link to ABC News about Trijicon putting biblical verses on its products. I think it kicks ass that my ACOG has John 8:12 on it, don't you? "Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

That's all for now, my friends. Have a good week and God bless. -- Evan

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