Monday, February 8, 2010

Robinson Arms XCR PDW Mini for Sale

ghost modern warfare 2

On the morning of 30 September 2009, I had back surgery to correct a couple of herniated discs. Needless to say, the following days in recovery were a complete haze. At one point during my stay, a psych ward patient wandered into my room and I thought she was my nurse!

So when one of the brand new Robinson Arms XCR PDWs appeared at the shop last week, I was naturally excited to see it-- but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out who ordered it! There were no records of the sale, but the invoice was from those days in early October when I was in another world. Turns out, the medication was pretty strong and yours truly placed a purchase order for a fictional character from the biggest entertainment blockbuster ever: Modern Warfare 2-- a video game.

Apparently, the clandestine operator from Task Force 141 known only as "Ghost" had pre-ordered the PDW with us-- hoping to have it in time for the game's highly-anticipated North American launch on 10 NOV 2009. The game has grossed over $1 Billion since then, so Ghost has been busy. However, he was on a much needed leave from the one-forty-one this weekend and met with us to take delivery of his new short-barreled rifle.

This is the XCR PDW MINI with a 9in 1:7 twist 5.56mm NATO barrel and shorty 11in length-of-pull side-folding stock. Ghost and the rest of TF141 heavily customize their weapons based on personal preference and mission requirements. So, after a plate of fish and chips and a pint of Guiness stout (for inspiration), Ghost added some Flat Dark Earth accessories from Tango Down-- including rail covers, a BattleGrip, and a QD short vertical grip. The 141 "goes silent" on a lot of missions, so Ghost brought along a Gemtech HALO sound suppressor and an Aimpoint CompM2. A few rolls of McNett Camoform in the digital desert pattern were used to wrap the optics, PMags, and butt stock. Ghost was so happy with the results, he agreed to a rare photo shoot. Enjoy: [ click here for the XCR PDW photo gallery ]

Have a good week, my friends... and God bless! -- Evan

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