Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SCAR Heavy For Sale

scar heavy 17s for sale

The SCAR-17, also know as the SCAR-H or "Heavy," is one of the most sought after weapons on the market today. Even though it was introduced to the civilian market at Shot Show two years ago, many dealers like On Point Firearms are just now starting to receive stock. Demand is still sky high, while supply remains low. That drives up price. I'm sure many of you remember the stories of the first few SCAR-16 Light 5.56mm models fetching over $10k on Gunbroker at auction. The economy isn't what it used to be folks, but the SCAR heavies that are available are still commanding a lot of dough. [click here for the SCAR photo gallery]

Thankfully, your friends at On Point Firearms are here to help. In the last week, we've received our first two units of the new SCAR heavy. We expect to see about 1-2 units per month going forward. They are available from us at two convenient price points: $2584 for our retail clients and $2421 for members of our exclusive VIP program. If you're ready to purchase a SCAR and we're currently sold out, click the "notify me" link and enter your e-mail address. You'll get an e-mail when the next shipment arrives. If you already own one of the new SCAR Heavies and are looking for extra magazines, we should have some of those soon.

If you remember our video review of the SCAR Light from a few months ago, you might remember our thoughts on the weapons system running a bit hot. I guess that review was less than favorable. Well, I heard it from my buddy on the Teams the other day. He respectfully informed me that I was full of sh*t as a Christmas turkey. I was a SCAR hater, and until I took the Heavy down range and used it for its intended purpose, I couldn't fully appreciate it. He told me a few stories and turned me into a believer. It's still pretty expensive for my budget, but one day I think I'll pull on the trigger and get one of my own. Until then, I'm happy to sell them to y'all!

Price: $ 2584.08
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Have a good one and God bless.

-- Evan

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