Thursday, June 2, 2011

On Point Firearms Gen2 Shooter's Hat

Question: what's the best thing to happen to shooters since the Gen4 Glocks were introduced last year? The answer, of course, is the Gen2 version of On Point Firearms' legendary shooter's hat!

Not unlike the iconic Glock, it's hard to improve on perfection-- but somehow we've found a way. This year, we've removed the little button from the top of our hat-- making it more comfortable when you're wearing hearing protection.

This is no ordinary hat, folks. It has a rich history. Since 2009, our hat has been made in the USA by a former Green Beret. In fact, many of our high speed clients say it's their favorite hat. It has seen action all over the globe-- from the Appalachian trail to the mountains of Afghanistan. It's been to hell and back. This is your opportunity to spend the best $25 you've ever spent. Buy an On Point Firearms shooter's hat today, and start making history! There are two easy paths to ownership:

1. Buy it now for only $25. Shipping is FREE!

2. Join our exclusive VIP membership program for a year. The program allows you to purchase at dealer wholesale cost-- a significant savings over our everyday low price. We'll ship you one of these awesome hats for FREE. It's our gift to you for staying On Point!

Wear it in good health, my friends. Thanks again for your continued support and God bless.


Price: $ 25.00

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