Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heckler & Koch HK45C Tactical Threaded Barrel for Sale

Good morning! Put on another pot of coffee, my friends. You'll want to settle in at work and check out the photo galleries we have for you today. Here are some things you just don't see every day:

First is the brand spanking new HK45C Tactical from Heckler & Koch. [click here for the photo gallery] As you know, the HK45, HK45C, and P30 are the next generation of pistols from HK-- the evolution of the legendary USP. They feature interchangeable back and side straps and improved ergonomics. The HK45C Tactical comes from the factory with a threaded barrel for mounting sound suppressors (metric 16x1 left hand thread, of course.) What may also interest you is WHAT factory it came from. No sir, these new HK45Cs are not coming from Alabama or Georgia. They're coming from New Hampshire! Even more surprising is the signature that appears on the pouch containing the fired shell casing. Any HK aficionado will recognize the name of Morlock-- the lucky gent that seems to have test fired every Heckler & Koch firearm I've ever seen. There's a new trigger finger at HK, and his name is: Frank Garbouchian. A passing of the torch, don't you think? If the scalability of a threaded barrel isn't enough to sell you on the new HK45C Tactical, then perhaps the night sights and 10-round magazines will. That's right, my friends. HK ditched the glow paint and stepped up to Tritium. True Dat! Sorry, I misspoke. They're actually Tru-Dot sights from Meprolight. You'll be happy to know that the HK45C Tactical ships with two rechargeable 10rd magazines from DeWalt. Well, at least they look like DeWalt battery packs and cost almost as much. If this new HK floats your boat, it can be yours for around $1300 retail and $1200 if you're a VIP member. I've only got one unit right now, so it is sure to sell quickly. Hopefully, we'll have another shipment soon, so click the "notify me" link and enter your e-mail address if you're interested.

The next item we have for you is something we took in on consignment for a local customer yesterday. Welcome to Jurassic Park, my friends! It's the SPAS-12, And this one is a beauty-- with a proper safety, fixed stock, and hardly a mark on her. This is easily the cleanest SPAS-12 I've ever handled. As you know, the Franchi SPAS-12 was imported from Italy in small numbers and is one of the first convertible shotguns-- being able to fire in both semi-automatic and pump action modes. The Italians love convertibles, don't they? The Benelli M3 is another good one. The SPAS-12 is quite clever and just like in the movie, begs you to "shooooot her!" We have it in our clearance section right now for only $1100. If you're headed out to hunt Velociraptors, you might want to consider it. [click here for the photo gallery]

While you're in the clearance section, check out the Lasermax rail-mounted laser that we have for only $100. It's used, but in excellent condition. You can't beat that price. We've also got more of our Operator backpacks in stock-- this time in Multicam. These would be a perfect back-to-school item for the little ones-- according to my mom, who is a 4th grade school teacher. They're only $50 in Coyote Brown and $15 more for genuine Multicam.

That's all for now. Time to get back to work! We'll have more for you later in the week. Until then, have a good 'un and God bless! -- Evan

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