Thursday, September 22, 2011

Specter Gear Plate Carriers for Sale

specter gear plate carrier for sale

On Point Firearms has been proud to carry Specter Gear products since the company was known by its first name: CQB Solutions. Since those days, Specter Gear has earned a loyal following in the military community. As they like to say, their gear is "Good to Go." One of the latest additions to their product line is their modular plate carrier: the MPC-1.

Whether you're going down range to defend our freedom or prepping for the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need armor plates. Specter Gear, London Bridge Trading, and Eagle make some of the best plate carriers right here in the USA. That's important because a lot of firms have outsourced their stitching duties to China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and other far off lands. US stitching means US jobs. It also means quality that you can count on. In the case of Specter Gear, that's quality you can feel. [click here for the photo gallery]

The first thing you'll notice with any Specter Gear product is the attention to detail. Every thread is in its place. All the buckles, snaps, elastic, and hook & loop panels are made with care. The holsters, chest rigs, plate carriers, and pouches are very well thought out. For example, take a look at the detailed photos we took of the MPC-1 plate carrier. All of the straps and cummerbund panels are completely adjustable to fit the operator perfectly. Comfort is very important when it comes to a rig loaded with heavy plates.

MOLLE sections are just where you need them, so the user can configure his loadout according to his mission. For my mission profile, the plate carrier is rigged with six MOLLE 12oz beer can pouches at my ever expanding waist. Up top, I've got a LaRue Tactical bottle opener. On the back, I've got my spatula and tongs for immediate action BBQ. I look like a tailgating Ninja Turtle in Multicam. If my Gators start losing and I fall into the bushes, the rear drag handle will help my buddies exfil me with ease.

All joking aside, Specter Gear's new plate carrier is some serious professional grade kit. If you're in the market for one, please let me know. I can assist you with sizing and colors. If you're a 36-42" waist, we've got two Coyote Tan and two Multicam models in stock, ready for immediate shipping. Special ordered units can take 4-8 weeks. Next week, we'll be featuring Specter Gear's Universal Thigh Rig (the best in the industry) and several of their MOLLE pouches. Until then, have a good one and God bless! -- Evan

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