Friday, October 5, 2012

Bersa CC Concealed Carry 9mm for sale

bersa cc concealed carry 9mm for sale

New this week at On Point Firearms: the Bersa CC Concealed Carry 9mm. For under $400 [only $345 for VIP members] this polymer compact is a great value. Ergonomics are excellent. It really feels great in your hand, points naturally, and there's a nice area to index your finger when you're not ready to fire. Unfortunately, trigger pull is sponge-like and the magazine doesn't always drop free when it is empty, but for an entry level handgun from Argentina-- it's well above par. Frankly, it's better than most of what we've seen from Bersa in recent years. For the money, I think it's worth a shot-- especially in this tough economy.

Facebook recently began charging owners of pages an advertising fee for promoting content on their pages. We have been using our Facebook page as a vehicle to share our photos for quite some time now. However, due to this recent money grabbing policy, we're going to switch venues. It's not worth $50-$100 to tell our fans about photo galleries they should be notified about for free. So, we're transitioning over to a polite new site we've been experimenting with called Pinterest. Unlike evil Facebook, Pinterest doesn't require a login to view our photo galleries and they won't be collecting all sorts of your personal data. I think it will be a good switch for fans of our firearms photography. Click here to check out the photos we're already loaded onto our Pinterest page. We'll be adding more each day, so stay tuned.

Exciting news! We have some additional items from our recent estate sale. We have a few cases of Federal American Eagle .223 Remington and 7.62x39 with brass casings. Check out the listings here. They are available by the box or by the case. And they're priced well below current market price. We'll be add more ammo from this estate sale over the next few days as it is inventoried.

That's all for today. Have a great weekend and God bless you and yours. -- Evan

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