Thursday, March 14, 2013

Advanced Armament Corp AAC Ti-RANT45 Silencer for Sale TIRANT 45acp

AAC Ti-Rant45 Silencer for Sale

The Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) Ti-RANT45 is the only handgun suppressor you'll ever need. Thanks to its innovative modular design, it can be fitted to a variety of weapons by simply changing pistons for different calibers and thread patterns. For example, you can use the Ti-RANT45 on your Heckler & Koch HK45 Compact Tactical in .45acp which uses a Metric 13x1 left hand thread. A minute later, after a quick piston swap requiring no tools, you can use it on a Glock 26 subcompact 9mm with standard 1/2x28 threads. You can shoot all day and take the Ti-RANT completely apart for cleaning afterwards-- returning it to factory new condition. You can use it on any handgun host that has a threaded barrel ready to accept it-- from .45acp to .40S&W to 9mm and even .22lr. No wonder we sell more Ti-Rant45 suppressors than any other model. In our opinion, it's the best silencer on the market. The Ti-RANT .45 is the world’s first silencer for .45 ACP pistols that is truly stealthy when fired dry. The average dry sound signature of the Ti-RANT .45 is 133 dB when fired on a Heckler and Koch USP Tactical .45 with Remington 230 grain ammunition. This puts the dry performance of the Ti-RANT .45 squarely in the ballpark of most competitor's 9mm pistol silencers. With a wet charge of 5cc’s of water, the sound signature drops to 125 dB. To put it another way, Advanced Armament Corp's .45 silencer is quieter than some company’s .22 silencers. The Ti-RANT .45 does not stand out among a sea of posers just because of its jaw-dropping performance. Intelligent material selection gives the Ti-RANT .45 unequalled durability in a deceptively light-weight package. The Ti-RANT .45 incorporates AAC’s new A.S.A.P.™ CLUTCH. This highly evolved Nielsen device enables flawless semi-automatic operation on all relevant host pistols, and can be fully disassembled for cleaning or piston replacement with no tools in seconds. If you're interested in becoming the proud owner of a Ti-RANT45 suppressor, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:


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