Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HSGI Cobra Rigger's Belt and Wilder Tactical Holster

HSGI Cobra Rigger's Belt

Looking for a quality belt for everyday carry (EDC)? Well, look no further. You've found the Cobra Rigger's Belt by HSGI-- the choice of elite Marine Corps Force Recon, Scout Snipers, and our very own bearded mercenary, former USMC Scout Sniper Mr. Beardy McKillpeople. Point of interest: Beardy (Mitch) will be returning from yet another deployment and will resume teaching courses for On Point in June and July of 2013. Click here for our current course schedule. Come train with us! Okay, back to the belts:

Available in 1.75" (shown) and 1.5" sizes, HSGI Cobra Rigger's belts are constructed of two layers of Type 13 webbing rated for a staggering 7000lbs-- sewn together with Bonded 138 nylon thread with 5 rows of stitching the entire length. The two layers are not only sewn together, but are laminated with an industrial strength adhesive to give more rigidity and stiffness. The Proven Quick Release Austria Alpin COBRA Parachute Buckles are used to secure the belt (Rated for 4000lbs). This belt is capable of handling anything you can throw at it. From holding your pants up, to emergency extraction hanging from a helicopter, to towing your broken Range Rover home, to surviving and escaping your local Wal-mart. Simply put: this belt is THE Heat, the FIRE, and the Cat's meow-- all at the same time. Let's put it this way: If Stallone's character Cobra wore a belt, it would be one of these-- or possibly a snake of the same name. However, it would be a limited edition with its buckle made of solid ivory and the obligatory Cobra logo engraved on it.

The reason for this newsletter is not only to make Cobra references. We love that movie-- well, at least the opening scene. Then, it's all down hill from there. The point of the newsletter was to suggest a belt to compliment our new line of Wilder Tactical holsters. After our last newsletter, several clients asked me about a belt suggestion, so this is what I recommended. The HSGI Cobra Rigger's belt works perfectly with our Wilder Tactical concealment holsters.

So, to promote our new holsters, these awesome HSGI belts, AND the movie Cobra (please let them make a 3D IMAX version soon), we're offering a bundle for anyone interested in the ultimate concealed carry package:

- Buy 1 Wilder Tactical holster and 1 HSGI Cobra Rigger's Belt and Receive FREE shipping and FREE On Point Firearms t-shirt
- Add another Wilder Tactical holster for a friend for only $45 more!

Right now, we have a bunch of HSGI belts in stock, mostly sizes 34-38. However, if you order something we don't have on hand, HSGI can build these to order using your specs, so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Remember: ordering one pant size larger than you usually wear is a good idea to accommodate loops for holsters. Made Proudly in the USA... by Cobra.

As always, have a good one, God bless, and as Cobra would say, "Hmmmmf."

Cobra (Evan)

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