Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Jack Carbine by Haley Strategic Partners and Bravo Company

Meet The Jack-- a collaboration between Bravo Company and Travis Haley's Haley Strategic Partners. By now, you probably have learned that Mr Haley puts a lot of thought into his products and training philosophies. The Jack Carbine is a vivid representation of his passion for lifting training and gear up to the next rung on the ladder. The Jack carbine is chock full of premium features and Haley Strategic innovations. Form and function are in complete harmony. Our unit arrived earlier this week and upon inspection, I was thoroughly impressed by the fit and finish and overall craftsmanship. It's also a handsome rifle to look at thanks to its unique color-- another Haley innovation called Disruptive Gray.

The Jack features a 14.5" barrel with Bravo's Gunfighter Mod 1 compensator/flash hider unit permanently attached, bringing the barrel to an overall legal length of 16". Other BCM Gunfighter features include charging handle and the new Mod 1 pistol grip with a sweeping rear strap-- allowing for a proper high, firm grip. The free-floating rail is the Geissele SMR Mk1. It allows placement of M1913 Picatinny rails wherever you need them and it's super light. A Haley Strategic Thorntail mount allows the offset placement of Haley's Inforce Weapon-Mounted Light (HSP-WML) at a comfortable 11 o'clock position on the rail. With the Geissele handguards, it's interesting that Bravo/Haley opted for a different trigger: an ALG Defense ACT trigger-- which is supposedly more robust and reliable, but still a vast improvement over a standard mil-spec trigger. The flip-up front and rear sights are Troy-- the industry standard at this point. The buttstock is the SOPMOD by B5 systems-- a perennial favorite in the special operations community, known for its beard-friendly cheek weld and handy storage compartments. The lower receiver's end plate is fashioned with a QD swivel attachment that does not interfere with the positioning of the buttstock, unlike other bulkier units. The unique color of the weapon system is what Mr Haley calls Disruptive Gray. Haley Strategic's trademark logo is laser-engraved throughout-- adding to the exclusive look of the rifle. Other extras include a Bravo Company 30rd magazine with Magpul follower, a Bravo Company Hat, stickers, a certificate for $200 towards a training class at Haley Strategic, and the Make Ready with Travis Haley DVD.

The Jack is a visually striking carbine. The balance and handling is superb, and the rarity of this limited edition rifle only adds to its appeal. This is a very special rifle for a special shooter.

Bravo Company The Jack Carbine by Haley Strategic Partners

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