Monday, July 1, 2013

Shooter Down Medical Class - Level 1

This Wednesday, 3 JULY 2013, we're offering our first "Shooter Down Medical Class." Imagine that you are at the range with a loved one and the unthinkable occurs. You are standing there talking, you hear a bang, and your loved one’s face fills with fear. The shooter next to you was inexperienced and had a piece of hot brass get stuck in an article of clothing, causing him or her to flinch and fire the weapon outside of the lateral limits of the range. (True story. This happened recently at a local range.) You look down and see the blood begin to soak through their clothing and they collapse to the ground. What do you do? Are you prepared? Or will your lack of knowledge lead to the loss of your loved one’s life?

On Point Firearms is proud to notify you of a new course that we will begin offering this July! The “Shooter Down Medical Course: Level 1” is going to be yet another professional (and fun) course that will help those looking to be prepared for a worst case scenario at their local range: a potentially fatal gunshot wound.

The PATG/OPF “Shooter Down Medical Course: Level 1” will be a two to three hour classroom-based course that will have shooters working in groups of two while they identify and address gunshot wounds located in different regions of the human body.

Course Outline:

  • Course/Instructor Introduction
  • History and Evolution of Care Regarding Gunshots
  • Tourniquet Myths and Facts
  • Real World Examples of Wounds
  • PATG/OPF Shooter Down Medical Kit Introduction
  • Heat Casualty Signs and Treatment Procedures
  • Gunshot Treatments

All training materials will be provided by the staff; however, custom medical kits (sterile and identical to the training materials) will be available for purchase. This course will be instructed by Mitch Milillo (former SS) and Drew Switaj (former SF), in order to ensure that all students will be given the proper student to instructor ratio. All students will be required to bring note taking materials as well as wear clothing that is comfortable because you will working on the ground during the practical application portion of the course.

Shooter Down Medical Course: Level 1 Details:
July 3rd, 2013 at 6:30pm
Cost: $150 per student
Materials required: Note taking gear, water, comfortable clothing

Shooter Down Medical Kit w/ Complete and Sterile Contents Details:
$120 for students
$150 for non-students

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If you are interested, please contact the Director of Training, Mitch Milillo, at:

If you're interested celebrating the 4th of July weekend sending rounds down range, we have a few slots open in our Combat Handgun I course this Sunday, 7 July 2013. Click here for more info.


Mitch Milillo
Director of Training
On Point Firearms

Mitch Milillo is a former USMC Scout Sniper and a current bearded professional as On Point Firearms' director of training. He has also recently launched a new training company: Marksmanship & Firearms Training Concepts (


No firearms will be required or allowed to be on your person during the course due to safety reasons. All CCW/CWP weapons will need to be removed prior to beginning the practical application portion of the course.

Due to the dynamic training regime of our advanced shooting courses such as Tactical Carbine II, Surviving the X, and Combat Handgun II, this medical course will be a requirement.

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