Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sig Sauer P224 SAS 9mm for sale

The new P224 should be on every Sig Sauer aficionado's wish list. At last, we have a subcompact Sig that performs as well as the legendary P226. Have a look. You can see the family resemblance. The P224 has pedigree!

Imagine a chopped-down P226 with shortened grip and slide and you have the P224-- boasting an impressive 12+1 capacity in 9mm. The controls are familiar to any Sig shooter. The decocker can be operated without changing your grip position. The slide stop and take down levers are just where they should be-- as is the magazine release. It's a mini P226-- and it rivals the ubiquitous Glock 26 in both form and function.

For those that favor alloy and steel over polymer, this is your gun! The SAS model features Sig Sauer's anti-snag treatment. The melted look removes any sharp edges that may catch or print during concealment. Brilliant Siglite night sights are standard equipment. So is the phenomenal Short Reset Trigger. This is a true DA/SA pistol, and given its heritage: it is quite capable of exceptional accuracy and unmatched "to hell and back" reliability.

So, here's the verdict: the Sig Sauer P224 was well worth the wait. But is it worth the price? The $1125 MSRP makes it almost twice as expensive as the venerable Glock 26. But the Sig Sauer P224 is a thoroughbred-- not unlike its brethren: the P226 and P229. It commands a premium price. Street price should be under $900, which I think makes this pistol a sound investment.

Will it replace my Glock 26? No. But it will certainly earn its place in the stable. The Sig Sauer P224 SAS 9mm is in stock at On Point Firearms for only $865 (less for VIP members). Click here for the complete photo gallery.

That's all for today, my friends. Have a good 'un and God bless. -- Evan

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