Monday, January 6, 2014

LWRC UCIW 5.56 for sale

LWRC UCIW 5.56 Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) with 7.75" Barrel

This is the shortest LWRC rifle you can buy: the LWRC UCIW 5.56. With its 7.75" cold hammer-forged barrel and ultra compact UCIW SOPMOD stock, it's ideal for concealment and vehicle operations as a PDW. The stock features a proprietary buffer, spring, and tube. It's an inch shorter than a convention short SOPMOD or CAR stock. LWRC's short stroke gas piston system ensures that fire goes down reliably and uninterrupted. The nickel boron finish on the bolt and carrier group keep everything running smooth, cool, and clean. LWRC now makes their own Skirmish flip-up front and rear sights in stock, as well as the stock and RailSkin rail covers. Magpul is sourced for their MOE rubberized pistol grips and legendary PMAG magazines. If you're looking for a super covert short barrel rifle (SBR) and unmatched reliability, the LWRC UCIW is the ticket. Be sure to upgrade to a Geissele SSA trigger. *** NOTE: All NFA rules apply.

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