Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walther PPX M1 SD 9mm Review For Sale

Walther PPX M1 9mm

The next generation of pistol is here from Walther! The Walther PPX M1 is a state of the art, polymer-framed, hammer-fired DAO pistol. The trigger pull and reset are phenomenal. The ergonomics are superb. It points naturally and the styling is very forward-thinking. Controls are at the ready and intuitive. Comes complete with two 16rd magazines. Steel sights. 4" barrel. Made in Germany. Available with optional threaded barrel. This is a true game changer for Walther. For years, their product lineup was lukewarm. The P99 series was good, but it wasn't well received in the market. And being tied to the worst James Bond ever (Pierce Brosnan) didn't help. Later, the P22 became popular in the rimfire community-- particularly as a great host weapon for silencers. Now, that the PPQ and PPX are here, we are seeing a new Walther. The PPX is a true original-- and the price point is incredible for a German-made Walther. The PPX is going to do for Walther what the HS2000/XD did for Springfield Armory.

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