Friday, June 6, 2014

Colt M4 Carbine and 1911 Sale

This weekend, we have another great special on Colt M4 carbines. The glut of inventory in the distribution channel means huge discounts for our customers. Take this Colt M4 model 6920 Magpul edition for example: MSRP is $1367. Normally, our distributor charges us $1089 for this rifle. That's OUR COST. With over 100 units in stock, they are discounting heavily and we can afford you an unprecedented low price of only $1049! That's under normal dealer cost! Your choice of FDE or Black furniture, while supplies last. Click here for more info.

If you're in the market for a Colt 1911, may we suggest the superb Series 80 Rail Gun, Colt part # 1980RG. We have these for only $1149. We also have Colt M4 SOCOM rifles for only $1477. Also, pick up a Colt XSP for only $599 here.

These are historically low prices. It's a buyer's market and now is the time to stock up before the next "Shady Hook" incident. Colts are always a good place to invest your hard-earned dollars. The pony holds its value better than almost any other brand in our industry-- and certainly better than the US Dollar.

Also, remember to check out Project Road Warrior. You can buy and t-shirt and track the riders' progress in real time here:

Thanks again for your support. Have a good weekend and God bless.

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