Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exclusive Full FDE Glock 19 Gen4 9mm for Sale

If you're a Glock aficionado, we've got something that might interest you. You're looking at an exclusive new Glock 19 Gen4 9mm with a factory FDE finish. Glock is doing a limited run of these with Flat Dark Earth frames and Cerakote slides. Two (2) units have just arrived at the shop-- with consecutive serial numbers:  xxx658 - xxx659.  Naturally, we're going to offer these as a pair for only $1299. And if you'd like to add a set of night sights, we are throwing in FREE INSTALLATION. This is a special opportunity for a special client. But, if we don't find a buyer for the pair by the weekend, we'll sell them apart. That would be tragic-- since these G19s have been together since birth. So, let's find these guys a good, loving home-- with plenty of ammo.

If you're interested in a single unit, send me an e-mail and I'll start a stand by list. That's all for today, my friends. Have a good one and God bless. -- Evan

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