Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TSA-Approved Gun Cases for Sale

Next month, we're taking the Kostreva family show on the road. My son is 22 months old and it's time for him to party in New Orleans. As standard operating procedure, I'll be armed to the teeth. Pre-flight requires a quick check of the airline's rules and making sure the state we're traveling to accepts our concealed weapon permits.  As long as we're not diverted to New York or California, we'll be okay.  Then, my trusty Glock 26 snuggles into its Pelican case and we're off to fly the friendly skies. If you haven't read our article on traveling with your weapon, take a look here. It's an oldie, but goodie.

I think the Pelican 1150 case is the best tool for the job. It's small and rugged, and resists prying. It also masquerades as a camera case and doesn't take up much real estate in your suitcase. However, there's a new player in town:

The Gunvault Nano series is even more svelte. And it's cheaper and comes with its own TSA-approved lock. With the Pelican, you'll have to purchase these locks separately.

We have both of these TSA-approved gun cases in stock. If you're traveling soon and decide to take your carry gun along for the ride, read our ancient newsletter on the subject and consider picking up one of these excellent cases from your friends at On Point Firearms. Both the Pelican and GunVault are ideally suited for the task and won't break the bank either:

Pelican 1150 TSA-Approved Gun Case … Only $39.99
Pelican 1120 TSA-Approved Gun Case … Only $36.49
GunVault NanoVault 200 TSA-Approved Gun Case … Only $33.49
MasterLock TSA-Approved Padlock … Only $8.99

That's all for today, my friends. Have a good one and God bless. -- Evan

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