Thursday, March 26, 2015

Troy BattleSight Micro for Sale

Troy came up with Micro BattleSights as an innovative solution to address the increased rail heights on some popular weapon systems such as the FN SCAR and HK416. They're also great for shooters that prefer a setup that minimizes height above bore. Or for anyone looking for a slick, low-profile set of flip sights. Or for.... well, you get the point. I have a set of them on my LWRC M6A2 because they're super low-profile and come in FDE from the factory. Troy BattleSights have long been the benchmark for flip-up front and rear sights for the AR15. In fact, in the early days, LWRC included them as standard equipment on all of their rifles before they started making their own Skirmish sights in-house. Troy BattleSights are machined right here in the USA from the finest aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, and finished in military spec hardcoat anodizing. And if that doesn't sell you on them, perhaps our new 360 degree imagery will. Click here to virtually inspect them for yourself. It's our second attempt at such an image. Please let us know what you think. No cursing, please. This is a family website.

We have both FDE (shown) and black in stock, ready to ship. The price for a set of front and rear flip-up Micro BattleSights is only $189-- with FREE SHIPPING. [click here to spend money]

That's all for this week, my friends. Have a good 'un and God bless.

Evan Kostreva, Sales Clerk
On Point Firearms
"Celebrating 12 Years of Dodgy Sales Tactics, Poor Weapon Handling Skills, and Other Misconduct."

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