Friday, December 18, 2015

Surefire Titan Flashlight for Sale

It wasn't too long ago, 60 lumens was an impressive amount of brightness to extract from a flashlight. I remember my first Surefire, the iconic 6P, had 60 lumens-- a level of power that easily eclipsed everything else on the market at the time. That, of course, was the old days of Halogen bulbs. Now, LED technology allows us to enjoy 500-1000 lumens of power in compact Surefire flashlights such as the Fury P2X and P3X, respectively. Although technically "compact," these models are not small enough to keep in your pocket on a daily basis. That's where the new Surefire Titan series steps in. The Surefire Titan flashlight is the size of a Chapstick and provides an impressive 125 lumens of power-- all from a single AAA battery! And for a limited time (Christmas) we are offering these for only $45. It's the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Surefire is a prestigious brand. They're made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty. It's literally the best flashlight money can buy. And that's why it makes a great gift. Have a great weekend, my friends. God bless you and yours. -- Evan

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