Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Winchester Cannon

photo and video footage by Lois Deakyne

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The explosions rocked the neighborhood and caused a furor amongst its residents. For the On Point Firearms family, it was the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is the story of the little cannon that could:

Several months ago, an old client brought in some items to sell on Gunbroker— including this old Winchester M-98 breech-loading cannon. It fires 10-gauge shotgun shells and was made between 1908-1911. When he was a young boy, our client used to sprinkle tomato seeds in a field, hide in the nearby bushes, and lay in wait for his prey. Then… KABOOM! The loud report of the 10-gauge would sound, felling up to ten birds at a time. This little cannon can fire live 10-gauge shells and is not limited to blanks like some newer units.

It was a great story and of course, my mother wanted it right away. She’s quite the shopper and an avid shooter—a dangerous combination. So, now the cannon is part of the family. Yesterday was our first time shooting the cannon and we’re already looking forward to firing it again on Memorial Day weekend. Speaking of Memorial Day… please remember that we’re giving away a Glock 19 to celebrate Memorial Day. All VIP members are eligible for the drawing. If you’re not a VIP member, you can join by clicking here.

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Have a good one and stay On Point!

-- Evan

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