Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Review: Ruger LCP

ruger lcp

There has been a lot of talk about the new Ruger LCP. Some good, some bad. However, I couldn't comment either way until I fired the little .380acp for myself. Well I finally did, so here's my short and sweet report:

After a quick field strip and lube job courtesy of CLP, the LCP was ready for its breakfast. On the menu: Speer Lawman 95gr TMJs. 50-rounds went down range and the only thing that malfunctioned was the palm of my hand. This pocket pistol packs a punch! It's definitely not a range gun that you would want to shoot hundreds of rounds with. Just shoot it enough to remain proficient and you'll be good to go!

ruger lcp

Accuracy was as I expected: fair. At 7 yards, I held an eight inch group for an entire box of Lawman .380acp. That was slow fire, off hand-- with a mixture of one-handed and both-handed grips. I even ran a mag and intentionally limp-wristed the Ruger LCP. It still ran like a Champ Burger with cheese.

Zero malfunctions. Quality fit and finish. Low price point. Ruger has a winner that will be around for decades. At $250 dealer cost, the Ruger LCP will fly off the shelves for many years to come. Don't be price-gouged just to be the first kid of your block to own one. Rest assured, Ruger is working on boosting production and satisfying demand for this little mouse gun. I recommend it-- highly.

ruger lcp

ruger lcp

Have a good one and stay On Point.

-- Evan

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