Thursday, June 12, 2008

New California DOJ CFLC Program Sucks

We received this "information bulletin" from the CA DOJ today. The letter went out to every FFL in the country and it appears that doing gun-related business in California just got even harder.

According to the bulletin, dealers outside of California must now enroll in the California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) program. That is, of course, if they wish to continue doing business with dealers within the state and not face criminal charges!

Basically, dealers in California will have more paperwork for each transaction. Customers in California will have to wait longer for their weapons to arrive at their dealer. Many out-of-state dealers affected will no longer bother selling to clients in California because of the hassle. Bottom line: CA DOJ is making it harder for honest, citizens in their state to acquire firearms. They're making it harder for honest firearms dealers in their state to make a living. California sucks.

Download and read the entire information bulletin from the California Department of Justice here:

After enrolling in the program this morning, I received this message:

Pending CFLC Enrollment Confirmation - California law requires a unique Department of Justice (DOJ) verification number to be obtained for each and every shipment of firearms to a California Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). - Whenever a verification number is issued approving a shipment of firearms to an FFL in California, that verification number must be provided to the recipient FFL along with the firearms shipment. If the intended California FFL recipient is not listed in the DOJ's database, the transaction will result in a Do Not Ship Letter, and it is a crime for the intended recipient to receive the firearms. (Penal Code § 12083 subd. (c)(1).) - It is unlawful to ship firearms to an FFL in California who is not listed on either DOJ's Centralized List of firearms dealers or DOJ's Centralized List of exempt FFLs. (Penal Code § 12083, subd. (d)(1).)"

God Bless and stay On Point, my friends.

-- Evan

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