Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GSG-5 Problems - Don't Buy a GSG-5 Before You Read This

The GSG-5 MP5 clone has been plagued with supply issues stemming from the ineptitude of its US distributor, Amchar Wholesale, and its importer, American Tactical Imports. Both firms are run by Tony Dichario out of Rochester, NY.

Amchar and ATI fail to deliver shipments of the GSG-5 rifle to distributors and dealers in a timely manner. They renege on agreements with dealers, engage in price gouging and other unethical behavior and are not trustworthy to do business with. AND that's how they treat their dealers! Imagine how they treat you, the customer, the end user of the GSG-5 rifle:

On the client side, they are incapable of handling the growing list of customer service issues that have resulted from the cheap design, lack of quality control, and poor fit and finish of these rifles. Known problems with the GSG-5 include:

- GSG-5 cracked bolts

- GSG-5 cracked receivers

- GSG-5 firing pin issues

- GSG-5 stripped screws

- GSG-5 broken cheap plastic parts

- GSG-5 cracked buttstocks

- GSG-5 poor fit and finish

- GSG-5 failure to feed, fire, and eject issues

- GSG-5 firing out of battery

- GSG-5 loose parts

- GSG-5 missing parts

- GSG-5 poor quality control

- GSG-5 poor customer service

- and MORE!

gsg5 cracked bolt gsg-5 problems

GSG-5 Cracked Bolt

gsg5 stripped bolts gsg-5 problems

GSG-5 Stripped Bolt Holes

gsg5 cheap plastic parts gsg-5 problems

GSG-5 Cheap Plastic Receiver Parts

The hysteria surrounding the launch of the GSG-5 has calmed. The fervor for this cheap little MP5 clone has stopped. Now, we are left to deal with the aftermath of a shoddy product that was too expensive, difficult to acquire, and impossible to get service for. Unfortunately, the GSG-5 rifle is another "flash in the pan", "flavor of the month" product whose 15 minutes of fame are up. You've been warned, my friends. Buy the GSG-5 at your own risk.

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