Monday, July 27, 2009

Serious FN Deals on FNARs

So, you think you have enough FNARs in your safe? Well, we've got an FN unbelievable deal to tell you about! On Point has FNPs as far as the eye can FNC! We have 9mm and .40SW models in stock for $65 under dealer cost-- only $450! These pistols are flat dark earth and come complete with ambi safety, decocker, and 3 stainless high capacity mags. At On Point Firearms, we're FN crazy! [click here for FNPs]

Think these FN deals couldn't get any FN better? Well, check this out: We've got a brand new FNAR for only $1100-- $253 under dealer cost. Are we FN serious? You betcha! Hurry, this offer is only good while our FN supplies last! [click here for FNARs]

Hope you guys FN enjoyed that. Have a good one.

-- Evan

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