Thursday, August 6, 2009

New S&W M&P15-22 For Sale

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Here's your weekly On Point sitrep, folks: Ammunition is back in stock-- and in a very big way. Whether it's a sign of the credit crunch hitting consumers hard or an uptick in overall production, things are looking mighty good for clients in the market to stockpile ammo.

A huge shipment of back-ordered Wolf ammo just arrived at our location. PMC, Magtech, and Federal continue to trickle in. If this windfall is any indicator, supply should continue to improve in the weeks to come.

Oh, and the new Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 is finally here! Only $372.91, dealer cost! Now, that's a fair price for a dedicated 22cal AR15. I think this newcomer is positioned to take the market by storm and steal some of the thunder from Colt/Umarex and the ailing and problematic GSG-5. Still to come: the Sig Sauer 522.

Czech out our clearance section for some great deals on items we have on consignment for our local clientele. Everything on clearance, save for a Glock 22, is brand new in box. Hope everyone is hanging in there. Stay strong and keep the Faith. God bless.

-- Evan


WOLF POLY 308WIN 150GR FMJ NC 500/CS - $209

WOLF POLY 223REM 62GR FMJ NC 1000CS - $261

WOLF POLY 223REM 55GR FMJ NC 1000CS - $261

WOLF CLASSIC 7.62X39 124GR FMJ 1000 - $249

MAGTECH 308WIN 150GR FMJ 1000/CS - $618

S&W M&P15-22 22LR 16" BLK SYN POLY

Only $372

[ click here to buy ]

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