Friday, April 30, 2010

Colt 1908 Pocket .380acp Model M

Happy Friday, everyone! Earlier in the week, we took an interesting little gun into inventory. This is a Colt 1908 Pocket .380acp "Model M". The owner had it hard-chromed and carried it for many years. The barrel is 3 3/4" and does not have a barrel bushing. That makes this a Type II Colt 1908 made between 1910 and 1926. Although it has been refinished, the grips are factory original and it's in excellent shape. Check out some more pictures by clicking here.

I also wanted to let everyone know that our new stickers have finally arrived. These high-quality vinyl stickers will stand fast against the elements and help keep away evil spirits. Plus, our patented Tailgate Mitigation System (TMS) is perfect for your car, truck, ATV, ammo can, or helicopter. If you really want to blow some minds, slap a couple on your Prius! They also come in handy for our official photo contests. In fact, you never know when you might need one, so stock up now and show you're On Point! Hint hint. [ click here for the stickers ]

Next week, I'll be reviewing a Les Baer 1911. My Premier II .45acp just arrived today and I'm looking forward to shooting it. Have a good weekend and God bless! -- Evan

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