Thursday, May 6, 2010

Les Baer Premier II 1911 .45acp for Sale

I could hardly Baer the wait, but my new Premier II from Les Baer finally arrived last week. I took the custom shop 1911 to the range for some practice and break-in work this morning. I'm rusty, to say the least. Remember folks: shooting is a very perishable skill set. It takes practice to stay "on point." Anyway, I ran a couple hundred rounds of .45acp-- some PMC and CCI Blazer Brass.

The fit on Les Baers is "tighter than two coats of paint," as my friend Khoa says. It'll hold a 3in group at 50 yards, but I'm not there yet. I policed up my brass and will reload 'em and try again next week. Anyway, it's a sweet shooter and I look forward to a lifetime of service. I left the adjustable Bomar sights be. It's my technique that needs attention-- not the gun. It was good to go when it left Les Baer. [ click here for the Les Baer Premier II photo gallery ]

Out of 200rds, I had three stoppages: two failures to return to battery and one stovepipe. Those were experienced in the first 100rds and I didn't have a single issue after that. Now, it's time to clean. Enjoy the pics and the rest of your Thursday, my friends. -- Evan

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