Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NSDQ! Fundraiser Sitrep

It's only been a week, but we're more than half-way to our goal of raising $7500 for the 160th SOAR Night Stalker Association! I'm extraordinarily proud of our loyal clients for their honorable and charitable works. This is a tremendous showing of heart, solidarity, and support!

Thanks to those who have made a donation. Your support greatly reflects upon yourself and serves as a personal example of the selfless service that is a foundation of our military forces.

So far it has been a job well done, but we're not ready to hang the "mission accomplished" banner just yet. At present, we still have 33 more hats-- $3300 more to raise for these brave warriors. Night Stalkers Don't Quit and neither can we. So, let's pull together, put on another pot of black coffee, and finish this thing!

If you haven't done so already, please tell everyone you know about the hats and the fund-raising mission. If you're already told them, please tell them again. Here's a little video I cooked up to promote the cause. Feel free to send it out to your network of contacts. We need all the support we can get!

Also, it's time for our end of summer clearance sale. Check out all of the miscellaneous goodies here-- including the LNIB used SCAR-L we used in our last video and an increasingly hard-to-find Robinson Arms XCR:


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