Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chiappa Rhino for Sale

The Chiappa Rhino is a lot like a Lamborghini with its exotic Italian design, advanced engineering, and of course: blistering speed. With this snub-nose revolver, you can send six rounds of .357 magnum down range in 1.39 seconds-- with a minimal amount of felt recoil. Kick is mitigated thanks to the bottom chamber firing position. Although the Rhino looks like it came off the set of Blade Runner, the unique styling has really grown on me. [click here for the photo gallery]

The first thing you notice about the Chiappa Rhino is the position of its barrel: at the bottom of the cylinder. This form follows function and allows shooters to align the bore with their index finger naturally. The synthetic grips are very comfortable and allow you to get a really high purchase on the weapon. The Rhino's forward-thinking design also introduces radical improvements to the internal mechanisms over a conventional revolver. These features afford the Chiappa Rhino superb reliability, a super-smooth action, and improved safety. Its hexagonal-shaped cylinder creates a flatter profile ideal for carrying the weapon concealed.

The Chiappa Rhino revolver is chambered for the potent .357 magnum, a perennial favorite. While shooting the video review, we fired 100 rounds of Magtech 125gr .38 Special +P. It functioned flawlessly and was a pleasure to shoot. I rarely shoot more than 25 rounds with my S&W 642 during a trip to the range. With +P ammo, it's just brutal. Not so with the futuristic Rhino revolver! However, it does weigh in a bit more than the featherweight Smith & Wesson: 1.58lbs, unloaded. The frame is made of Ergal, an aircraft grade aluminum alloy and although the Rhino is an Italian import, the final fit and finish work is done here in the USA. [click here for the video]

The eccentric design of the Chiappa Rhino is not for everyone, but I believe the weapon will enjoy a cult following for many years to come. It's something different and there are shooters that will appreciate its elegant balance of form and function.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video. Special thanks to Crazy Bill and Cisco for their help at the range. The model we test fired for the video is on sale in our clearance section. Have a good one and God bless.

-- Evan

Price: $ 640.98

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