Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 AAC Silencer Group Buy

New products and pricing from Advanced Armament Corp and Thunder Beast Arms have just been loaded on our website. Of course, that means it's time for another silencer group buy… and your opportunity to purchase a suppressor from your friends at On Point Firearms. Use this coupon code during checkout and save $50 instantly: AACTHUNDER

This year, AAC has made some exciting changes to their line up. First and foremost is their epic 762-SDN-6. It's a shorter, lighter, and quieter version of their legendary 762-SD can. The 762-SD and 762-SDN-6 models now mate to your weapon via 51-tooth adapters, which are definitely an improvement over the old 18-tooth models. If you're new to the world of suppressors, the 762-SDN-6 might be the only rifle suppressor you ever need to buy. Here's why: the 762-SDN-6 is a multi-role workhorse-- developed around the new AAC 300BLK cartridge. It's rated to handle other .30 caliber loads including your .308win/7.62mm, 6.8mm, 6.5mm, and it even works well on your 5.56mm. Just buy one of these bad boys and a 51-tooth Blackout flash hider, muzzle brake, or Brakeout compensator for each of your weapons platforms. Imagine: one can and you're good to go!

Also new for the 2011 model year is a revamped Pilot 2 rimfire can and the return of the Prodigy-- both of which can be taken apart and serviced by the operator. In fact, all 2011 Ti-Rant models, including the new short S models, can also be stripped for cleaning. (Note: the short Ti-Rant S models were previously restricted to military end users only.) The new Mini4 is a low profile 5.56mm suppressor that adds less than 3 inches to the length of your weapon system. The new ECO-9 is an economical 9mm suppressor that has an suggested retail price of only $450, yet has all the bells and whistles that you've come to expect from AAC.

We're also pleased to offer Thunder Beast Arms suppressors to our clients. Thunder Beast has been earning a lot of friends in the long distance shooting community and we've heard good things about their product line.

Please visit our Class 3 NFA section today and start exploring the 2011 line of Advanced Armament Corp and Thunder Beast Arms silencers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks again for your business. Have a good one and God bless. -- Evan

Price: $ 895.00

Price: $ 1050.00

Price: $ 522.50

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