Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Factory Blemished FN SCARs

blemished fn scar factory blemished fn scar

Most shooters are familiar with the term 'safe queen.' It refers to a firearm that spends most (if not all) of its time in the safe-- and rarely, if ever shot. It's not a derogatory term. Some firearms are just too precious or delicate, or hold too much sentimental value to be abused in the slightest. However, we recognize that certain firearms are definitely NOT candidates for the safe queen program. Some guns were designed to be used and abused in the real world-- to be rode hard and put away wet. One such firearm is FN's SCAR-- a favorite among America's elite Frogmen.

These state-of-the-art rifles are fabricated by FN to the highest industry standards. But even ISO 9000 companies like FNH USA occasionally make a mistake during production. Cosmetic blemishes on the anodized upper receiver of the SCAR are not uncommon. There's no adverse effect on the function of the weapon, but the blemishes aren't exactly what a consumer expects for quality control on a rifle with an MSRP of $2995. For that reason, these blemished rifles are often discounted heavily, and On Point Firearms has some of them available for sale!

If you're a shooter less concerned with the showroom shine of a new rifle and more concerned with its ruggedness, reliability, and accuracy down range, you might be a candidate for one of these rifles. MSRP on a brand new SCAR is $2995. On Point Firearms' normal retail price is $2403.50 and our normal price for VIP members is $2266.94. However, these cosmetically blemished models are only $2146.74 for our retail customers and a staggering $2030.70 for members of our exclusive VIP program-- almost $1000 off MSRP! We only have 10 available, so this is an extremely limited time offer. [click here for more info]

If the real SCAR is too rich for you blood, but you still want the look and feel of this advanced weapons system, there's a hot new .22lr plinker that just hit the market: the Austrian Sporting Arms ISSC MSR22. If the SCAR 7.62 is Heavy and the 5.56 is Light, this must be the Ultra-Light! We just got our first unit in stock and it's only $450! And in case you were wondering: MSR= Modern Sporting Rifle-- the new politically correct term for evil black rifles.

Have a good one and God bless! -- Evan

FN SCAR 556X45 16" FDE 30RD BLEMISHED ISSC MSR22 22LR 22RD 16.6" FLD STK H&K 416 D145RS 22LR 16.1" 20RD BLUE
Price: $ 2146.74

Price: $ 450.94

Price: $ 527.45

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