Wednesday, February 23, 2011

25th Anniversary Beretta M9 for Sale

Time flies when you're whacking tangos. Case in point: the Beretta M9 has been the official sidearm of the US military for 25 years now. To celebrate, Beretta has produced a commemorative edition of the M9. This 25th Anniversary edition features military-style markings, dot and post sights that are only found on M9s, handsome wood grips with special inlaid medallions, and a certificate of authenticity. The company is only producing 2010 of these special 25th Anniversary pistols. Right now, On Point Firearms has serial number 32 available for only $700. If that already sounds like a low number, consider the fact that Beretta is holding back the first 25 units to produce exclusive Custom Shop editions to be sold at auction. Those custom models will receive enhanced engravings with silver accents, hand polished deep blue finishes, and solid silver inlaid medallions in their wood grips. They'll also come outfitted with a special challenge coin and a custom rosewood lacquered case. Not to be outdone by the Beretta Custom Shop, On Point Firearms is throwing in its own custom hardwood display case, courtesy of buddy SEAL Team Wayne from Wayne's Woods.

Click here to see more photos of the 25th Anniversary M9 and information on ordering this special firearm.

In other news, we have Federal American Eagle XM855 green tip 5.56mm NATO on sale for $190 per case of 500 rounds (only $177 for VIP members). Stock up now before the next crisis drives prices up.

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Price: $ 700.00

Price: $ 190.39

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