Friday, March 4, 2011

Kimber Solo Carry 9mm For Sale

What do Mario Van Peebles and Kimber have in common?

1. Both are referenced in one of Charlie Sheen's most recent nonsensical rants.

2. Winning.

3. Solo.

Of course, this is a trick question. The answer is: all of the above. After the movie 'Solo,' Van Peebles' career was derailed and (to paraphrase Mr Sheen) launched into oblivion faster than an F-18. However, Solo may have quite the opposite effect on Kimber. The new pint-sized 9mm feels radically different than everything else on the market. And that's a good thing.

One of our clients recently won a Kimber Solo at auction on So, we had the opportunity to provide him with transfer services and I got a nice long visit with the gun.

In the palm of your Han, Solo fits nicely. Ergonomics are superb. Not only is fit and finish excellent, but there is an inherent sense of quality when you handle it. It's definitely a custom Kimber-- and you know that from the moment you shake hands with it. That feeling is really what sets it apart from every other subcompact handgun available. The trigger is super smooth-- almost Kahr-esque. It points very naturally and the sights are easy to acquire. The controls are easy to reach and operate instinctively.

The units found on right now are certainly selling at a premium. List price on Kimber's website is $725 and honestly, I think these pistols would sell all day long at that price-- even in this economy. That's how good it is. I can't wait to get my own and take it to the range for a thorough testing. In the meantime, my client promised me a full report.

Until then, we can enjoy these beautiful photos of Kimber's new concealed carry phenom, the Solo. [click here for the photo gallery] I'll leave you with another quote from a certain Hollywood star's Twitter page: "The Solo is a rockstar from Mars with type O+ tiger blood. Kimber is definitely #winning with the new Solo."

Have a good weekend, my friends. God bless. -- Evan

Price: $ 725.00

Price: $ 598.46

Price: $ 459.14

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