Monday, July 16, 2012

Springfield Armory XDS 45acp for Sale and Spike's Tactical 10th Anniversary AR15 Rifle

springfield armory xds for sale

You're looking at the Springfield Armory XDS-- a single stack .45acp smaller than most 9mm pistols on the market. In fact, the XDS strongly resembles the Walther PPS, a popular single stack available in .40S&W and 9mm. Springfield Armory hit the ball out of the park with this one. It's almost unbelievable that they squeezed this much firepower into such a compact form factor. The XDS boasts a healthy 5+1 capacity with the two flush fit magazines that come as standard equipment. An optional 7rd magazine is also available from Springfield. The front sight is fiber optic and the XDS ships with a paddle holster and magazine pouch-- a gear package it shares with the XD and XDM series. Recoil is what you would expect from a subcompact polymer .45acp (think Glock 30), but it is definitely manageable and comfortable enough for a day at the range. The trigger differs from the XD and XDM series, but it is smooth and predictable, with a relatively short reset. The 3.3" barrel is plenty accurate for its size (we had no trouble making hits out to 25yds.) In short, Springfield Armory has a winner with its new XDS subcompact. For that reason, I predict that they'll continue to be one of the most highly sought after guns of 2012. [click here for the complete photo gallery]

spikes tactical 10th anniversary rifle for sale

Speaking of 2012, Happy Birthday to our friends over at Spike's Tactical. They're celebrating 10 years of doing business. To commemorate this achievement, they've introduced a limited edition 10th Anniversary AR-15 rifle-- chock full of Spike's Tactical innovations. Only 100 of these masterpieces will be produced. The rifle is beautiful and sports an NP3 finish and custom Lothar Walther match grade fluted barrel, and Battlecomp compensator. Spike's even took the time to stipple the Magpul AFG and MIAD grips. Way to go, Spike's. Here's to another 10 years! [click here to see the photo gallery]

That's all for today, my friends. Have a good week and God bless. -- Evan

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