Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ruger SR22 Pistol Review

ruger sr22 review for sale

Ruger continues to advance modern firearms technology with its new SR22 pistol. At first glance, it resembles the Walther P22, but there's a lot more to this new Ruger that separates it from the rest of the pack. The action is silky smooth and the slide is very easy to rack-- which makes the SR22 ideal for ladies. The grips are easily tuned to fit a multitude of shooters-- making it a great training tool for the entire family. The adjustable sights, fixed barrel, and crisp trigger make it accurate for marksmen at all levels. The safety/decocker controls make it safe and intuitive to operate. My uncle recently purchased two of these pistols from me and took them to the range for testing. Click here to read his full report and see the Ruger SR22 photo gallery. In addition to the SR22, we also have more LCPs, LC9s, and LCRs in stock, ready to ship. Remember: shipping is free on all Ruger firearms. TODAY ONLY: Save $20 instantly on any Ruger handgun by using coupon code RUGER20.

On Point Firearms is once again your source for SureFire flashlights, tactical pens, batteries, and suppressors. Their pens are a surefire way to protect yourself in sterile areas that do not permit knives or firearms. Plus, with Fisher Spacepen refills made in Germany, these are some of the finest writing instruments available and a pleasure to use. Click here to check out our complete selection of SureFire products.

We are deeply saddened by the massacre last week in Aurora, Colorado. It was a shocking reminder of the evil present in today's world. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this senseless act. I prepared a thousand word diatribe deconstructing this tragedy. It was a cathartic experience for me to get my thoughts on paper, but I've decided to spare you the trouble of reading it. After all, I would be preaching to the choir. I believe we're all on the same page as defenders of our 2nd Amendment. Society is too quick to blame these tragedies on inanimate objects. The evildoer is to blame-- not firearms. Guns are no more to blame for Aurora, CO than airplanes are to blame for 9/11, or automobiles to blame for a DUI manslaughter. So, what is to blame? Bad parenting? Maybe. Mental issues? Probably. Touch of evil? Definitely. We know that new anti-gun legislation is not the answer. However, that IS the agenda for a lot of the lefties in Washington that are steadily pushing our country towards a European style of socialism. Shame on them for using this tragedy to push their agenda. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, does this more consistently than almost anyone. It's unseemly, contemptible behavior. This tragic event is proof of evil incarnate. This sort of act cannot be prevented or predicted via legislation. Do not be naive to think the Devil and his evil works do not exist. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist," said Kevin Spacey's character(s) in "The Usual Suspects."

So keep the Faith, my friends. Fight the good fight and stay turned on… stay "on point." God bless you and yours. -- Evan

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