Monday, July 30, 2012

Cybersecurity Bill Amendment Bans High Capacity Magazines

The assault on our 2nd Amendment has shifted into high gear, my friends. If we're not vigilant now, the very essence of being American will be lost. And it's not just about guns. It's about the core principles of the American experiment: our industriousness, honesty, family values, and religiosity. Those ingredients separate us from the rest of the world, and we're on a sloppy slope to lose all of them. In short, we're losing our identity. Future generations will not even recognize the America we know and love. It will be a shadow of its former self-- unremarkable and similar to European states. We have to fight to preserve our freedoms and leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

While the NRA has stopped the United Nations Small Arms Treaty and we won't have blue helmets marching down our streets anytime soon, we still have pressing matters to contend with. Last week, we learned of an amendment slithering its way into a cybersecurity bill that would essentially ban high capacity magazines:

This week, the Senate is going to debate and vote on this proposed amendment, so it's critical that we make our voices heard. Contact your Senator's office today and tell them you're against a magazine ban. It's a painless process that takes less than five minutes and it really does work. The anti-gunners probably aren't calling to voice their support, so we need to make our position known.

If an amendment banning high capacity magazines does sneak into becoming law, you've got to be prepared for an inevitable shortage of supply. I don't recommend speculative buying on items like magazines since there are millions of them already on the market. However, I do recommend owning a personal surplus. That means having extra magazines on hand for your personal use-- guarding against future breakage or loss. You should realistically have 6-10 magazines for each weapon system-- at a minimum. I would recommend at least 20 magazines for each rifle. Now is an ideal time to stock up since prices are relatively flat and stock is ample. We have Magpul PMAGs for your AR and factory magazines for your Glock, S&W, Beretta, and more. Be prepared for the future.

If you do want to make an investment in your family's security and your bottom line, the Colt M4 is a great buy right now. We have Colt M4 Carbines in stock for only $1100 shipped. We also have the enhanced Colt M4 SOCOM with Knights Armament rail and rear flip sight for only $1500 shipped. Remember: you'll never lose money on a Colt Pony. They're great to have as a short term investment during these troubled times and also as a hedge against bad guys.

On a more positive and sporting note, you've probably been watching the USA in the Olympics and are aware of phenomenon Kim Rhode winning gold in the women's skeet shooting event. She became the first American to win individual medals in fives consecutive Olympics-- a staggering achievement. Congratulations, Kim! We're proud of you! You can read more about Kim here:

That's all for today, my friends. Call your Senator's office and register your opposition to a ban on high capacity magazines. Have a good one and God bless.

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