Friday, August 24, 2012

DRD Paratus Takedown Rifle for Sale

drd paratus for sale

On Point Firearms is proud to announce the new DRD Paratus rifle-- a revolutionary 7.62mm NATO takedown rifle system! The Paratus can be taken from its hard-case and assembled without any tools in less than a minute. The DRD Paratus was designed to compete in the Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR) proposal issued by the military's Joint & Special Operations Program (JSOP). It comes complete with a 16"x10"x6" hard case for covert transport that accommodates the Paratus rifle, magazines, suppressors, optics, and other mission-specific accessories. The DRD Paratus is going to have a 16" barrel, but additional calibers and barrel lengths are in development and testing at this time and will be made available at a later date. With a MSRP of $5,615, the Paratus 16 is currently shipping and available through On Point Firearms. We should have our first units in another 2-3 months. You can add yourself to the waiting list by clicking the "notify me" link next to the model you want.

Other goodies that have just arrive at On Point include:
Nighthawk Custom AAC 1911 in 45acp
Savage MKII Suppressor Ready bolt action rifle in 22lr
Beretta NANO subcompact in 9mm
Springfield Armory TRP 1911 in 45acp
Colt M4 6920 Carbines in 5.56mm
FN A3G FBI bolt action in 308win - guaranteed 1/4MOA

Have a good weekend and God bless! -- Evan

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