Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Tale of Two Slings: Vickers versus High Speed Gear

In the world of slings, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world is Larry Vickers' excellent Combat Applications Sling. The Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) is so good that the Marine Corps adopted it as their official sling for service rifles back in 2012. The VCAS is high quality, rugged, and intuitive in its design. And it's made in the USA by BlueForce Gear. You can have it in a variety of colors, with or without padding. And that's why we're here today.

There's a new two-point sling on the market. High Speed Gear, known for its game-changing TACO pouches, has just introduced the SureGrip tactical sling. They obviously used the VCAS as a benchmark, since it is the gold standard. So it's similar in design and function to the Vickers sling, but incorporates a Neoprene pad that adds comfort and helps the sling stay put on your shoulder. That technology is borrowed from HSG's superb line of SureGrip padded combat belts-- one of our perrenial best sellers. All of this makes the HSG SureGrip sling a contender. But is it better than Mr Vickers' reigning champ VCAS?

Doesn't matter. That's because you can have the best of both worlds. High Speed Gear is a smart company. You can buy the complete SureGrip sling or the pad by itself. That means you can keep your beloved Vickers sling in play and add the SureGrip pad for only $25. Keep your sling. Buy the SureGrip pad and get it a try.

If you've been searching for a sling for your AR15, you can't go wrong with the VCAS or HSG. To be honest, I still favor the Vickers. But that's because I've used it for so many years and one currently sits on most of my rifles. So for me, I'd have the $25 SureGrip pad and call it a day. Try one today. What do you have to lose?

Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) by BlueForce Gear … $44
Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) by BlueForce Gear … $49
High Speed Gear SureGrip Sling … $44
SureGrip Pad Only … $25

Have a good 'un and God bless.
Evan Kostreva, Owner
On Point Firearms
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