Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Build a 7lb Rifle with Daniel Defense

Want to build a 7 pound rifle? Well, step right this way! Daniel Defense has long been known for their featherlight rail systems, hammer forged barrels, and bombproof (literally) reliability and accuracy. Their complete rifles are remarkably svelte-- usually tipping the scales at around 7 pounds. Recently, we started selling their complete upper receivers. So, if you have a complete lower and $800 of change between the cushions in your couch, you're in business! The new 15" SlimRail (pictured) is KeyMod compatible and has built-in QD sling attachments. For this client, we also selected quality KeyMod components from Bravo Company-- including the compact vertical grip and 3" Picatinny rail section. We used the Picatinny real estate to mount Travis Haley's superb Weapon Mounted Light (WML) made by InForce. The flip-up front and rear sights are from Troy. The BattleGrip is made by TangoDown and we boosted the buttstock from our LWRC parts bin. The rifle shown is only 6.94 pounds-- including the accessories! All in, the client has a customized rifle spec'd for less than the cost of a night out in Dubai. And who wants to go there anyway?

Daniel Defense Complete Uppers for Sale:
V11 with 15" KeyMod SlimRail, 16" barrel (Shown) … $825
V9 with 15" DDM4 Rail, 16" barrel … $905
V1 LW (Lightweight) with 12" FSP Rail, 16" barrel … $999
M4A1 with RIS II Rail, 14.5" barrel w/ pinned flash hider … $997

Featured Accessories:
InForce Weapon Mounted Light (WML) … $149
TangoDown BattleGrip … $34.99
Troy Micro Battle Sights … $174/set
Bravo Company KeyMod Vertical Grip … $21
Bravo Company 3" KeyMod M1913 rail … $23

Daniel Defense V11 Complete Rifle … $1369

That's all for today, my friends. Have a good 'un and God bless.
Evan Kostreva, Owner
On Point Firearms
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