Monday, January 4, 2016

Navy SEAL Glock 19 Gen 4 Full FDE

A couple of weeks ago, the firearms world learned that the elite US Navy SEALs would be procuring full FDE Glock 19s for their inventory. This, of course, kicked off a rush of orders for the venerable 9mm compact. These full FDE Glocks are an exclusive item at Lipsey's-- a wholesaler that only sells to FFL dealers. If you're interested in one of these highly sought after guns, take a number and get in line. We'll have them again soon. Here's the link to add yourself to the waiting list. Right now, if you want a full FDE 9mm Glock, we actually have a few of the desirable long slide "practical/tactical" G34s available. And if you prefer .40S&W, we have the G19's cousin in stock: the G23. Click here for more info.

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