Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HK416 22lr For Sale

Attention Shooters: The first batch of Heckler & Koch HK416s has just arrived at On Point Firearms! But before you start running around your house or office screaming with happiness-- these are the .22 caliber look-a-likes made by Walther/Umarex in Germany. Don't get me wrong. They look and feel great, and they're officially licensed just like the Colt M4s and M16s made by the same company. And let's face it: they might be the closest thing you'll get to a real HK416 for quite some time. Oh, and the best part… they're only $544.43 at On Point Firearms.

The look and feel is so convincing thanks to several key features. First, you've got the red and white bullet markings that are trademark to famous Heckler & Koch firearms like the HK416, UMP, and legendary MP5. The HK pistol grip and butt stock are just like the proprietary designs that the company introduced with the HK416 and HK417 so many years ago. The rail system, front, and rear diopter sights look like the same you'll find on a real deal HK416.

Umarex has done another thing to trick the eye and keep shooters guessing. The new HK416 comes with a 20rd magazine, which is the same size as a real 30rd 5.56mm NATO mag-- adding to the overall deception. If you recall, the Colt M4 and M16 clones had a 30rd mag, but it stuck out of the magazine well the distance of a goofy 40-rounder.

If you're one of the many shooters on the market looking for a new cost-effective plinker for training-- the new HK416 from Walther/Umarex is a great option. It's also a great gun for younger shooters looking for that authentic look. Make no mistake: put one of these under the Christmas tree for junior and you'll solidify your rank as "World's Greatest Dad" for many years to come! HK/Umarex also has MP5 and MP5-SD clones in the pipeline, which should be arriving soon as well.

Of course, you've got to see this thing to believe it… hence, the photo gallery here. [click here for the HK416 photo gallery]

Have a good one and God bless!

-- Evan

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