Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Point Firearms Raises $5500 for Savannah Night Stalker Association

On 10 SEP 2010, On Point Firearms presented the Night Stalker Association with a giant novelty check. Together, our loyal clients showed a tremendous amount of heart and selflessness and raised a staggering $5500 for the families of these brave American warriors. All of the members of the unit were grateful for the support and wanted to thank all of those who purchased one of the commemorative hats. Wear them proudly and in good health. Speaking of the hats, the guys were ecstatic about them and will be purchasing more for sale at their gift shop.

The Golf Tournament was an absolute success, with several title sponsors including Boeing, Coca-Cola, Eurocopter, Dollar General, and of course On Point Firearms. Khoa Nguyen and I had the distinct honor of playing on the Colonel's team-- the stress of which alone sprouted several gray hairs on my head. Thanks to some prayers, I played the best round of golf ever. The Taylor Made R5 Dual driver, anti-friction tees, and Bridgestone Number 6 balls cured my slice-- at least for this round. We shot a 77. I'll play it safe and retire from the sport until next year. [click here for the photos]

There's not a better group of guys to golf with-- or a better setting. The Crosswinds Golf Club was topnotch and the greens were immaculate. During the round, F16s and C130s made combat maneuvers overhead, and practiced take offs and landings. It was music to our ears-- the perfect soundtrack for the day. [see video here]

Next year, we plan to continue our support of the Savannah Night Stalker Association. We're already talking with the guys about creating a commemorative 1911 and/or AR15-- one for the unit and one to be auctioned for the fundraiser. Thank you again for all of your support. I am extremely proud of the character our clients exhibited during this fund-raising event. This proves On Point's customers are the best caliber in the industry.

Thank you again and God bless.

Evan Kostreva, Owner

On Point Firearms

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